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Cellcom News 1-19-18

Eyes Everywhere with 4G LTE Cameras

Connected products are everywhere. From light bulbs and doorbells to connected thermostats and smoke detectors, making your home or office smart is easier than ever. Most connected devices are designed to integrate with Wi-Fi because of their proximity to such a network, but Cellcom also carries two 4G LTE cameras that are directly connected to a cellular network.

Why would a camera need cellular connectivity? The use cases for a camera often extend beyond the range of a Wi-Fi network. By connecting directly to a cellular network these cameras can be used, and checked, anywhere. They are great for security at job sites where there may not be Wi-Fi, for real estate to keep an eye on a property, or even at the outskirts of a commercial location that may be out of Wi-Fi range. Cellular connectivity also means easy installation with no internet wiring needed. The cameras run on battery and have solar power attachments to further extend their life.

Cellcom carries the Arlo Go and the Spartan Go Cam. Both of these devices can detect motion and begin recording or taking photos upon sensing. You can also set the device to capture at a specific interval. The Arlo Go will also let you look in live at the camera at any time, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are. The Spartan Go Cam resembles a traditional trail camera for hunting, however, the 4G LTE connectivity makes it a convenient solution for construction, utilities, and commercial applications.

Connected products are becoming more accessible and are a great investment for security, efficiency, and convenience. To learn more about 4G LTE camera solutions or other connected products, visit

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